Where to Start?

Ravi Zacharias International Ministries is an amazing place to start when getting your feet wet with apologetics. Tackling everything from Suffering to the Exclusivity of the Christianity, Ravi and his tremendous team are well trusted! 
Another great starting point for apologetics. Veritas means "truth" in Greek and that is what these apologists are seeking to give - Truth. Some notable speakers include Ravi Zacharias, John Lennox, Tim Keller, Francis Collins, N.T. Wright, and many more!
Reasonable faith aims to provide an intelligent, articulate, and uncompromising yet gracious Christian perspective on the issues concerning the truth of the Christian faith!

Apologetics Debates

We believe that the best way our faith is strengthened is by seeing if it will hold to the test of opposition. As such, these debates are provided so we can learn to hear the other side while learning how defend the faith we hold to!

Useful Websites

With over 500,000 questions asked, this website is a great place to get started when thinking about some of the tough questions of Christianity. Though the website does not go in depth on every topic, it is a great starting point for going deeper!
A great website for anything dealing with Science & Faith! The site talks about many differing ideas within Christianity about Science & Faith.
Arthur Custance held a Doctorate in Anthropology as well as Master's Degree in Ancient Middle Eastern Languages. Though largely unknown, his extensive writings on science & faith hold to the test of time and are worth the time and investment!
A great website for any who will be working in a job not often associated with Christianity!
A very insightful 13 minute video on the origins of the Christian faith!
Chi Alpha
Christian Fellowship

The core of Chi Alpha is small groups so we would love for you to get plugged in to one!

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Chi Alpha Christian Fellowship at the West Virginia University, 2020


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