Our Staff

Charles & Katy Sombrio

Charles is the director at WVU Chi Alpha. After growing up in Texas, he found Jesus through Chi Alpha at Sam Houston State University. He worked for the university for two years after graduation before answering God's call in 2014 to leave Texas and help build the Chi Alpha at WVU. Katy, on the other hand, grew up as a missionary kid overseas. After returning to Texas for college, she too found a new life, community, and calling in Chi Alpha at SHSU, which ultimately led her to pack her bags for West Virginia as well. Through their time working and living life together at WVU, Charles and Katy fell for each other and got married in 2016. They love having friends in their home, eating good food, and travelling to new places. Their son, Oak, joined their family in 2019 and has the biggest and best set of young aunts and uncles imaginable. The Sombrio's love their Chi Alpha family and wouldn't dream of being anywhere else!

Sean & Heather McEntee
Christopher & Grace Mancillas

Sean and Heather both grew up in Houston, Texas only 20 minutes apart, but they didn't meet until their time in college at Sam Houston State University. They both got involved in Chi Alpha early on and actually surrendered their hearts to Jesus just 24 hours apart. While at college Sean studied Business Administration while Heather was a Communication Studies major, both of which they still get to actively use in ministry today. It was on a missions trip to WVU in January of 2014 that they felt the Lord give them a burden and a real longing to go to WVU and reach out to college students with the gospel. Sean and Heather then got married in 2015 and moved half way across the country to live Morgantown! They also both love board games and are incredibly competitive with each other! If you ever play a game with them, you'll see!

Christopher grew up in Texas and attended Sam Houston State University, graduating with a degree in Communications. He got involved with Chi Alpha his freshman year and learned throughout college how to fight for other students to know Jesus. Shortly after he graduated, he moved to Morgantown in 2014 to help pioneer Chi Alpha at WVU. The same year Christopher moved up here, Grace started her freshman year at WVU. Shortly after coming to college, she joined WVU Chi Alpha. Grace loved being apart of WVU Chi Alpha and loved this campus so much that she decided to do the Chi Alpha internship after graduating. She is now a full time staff member. Christopher and Grace got married in December 2019 and enjoy living life together and working with Chi Alpha together. Christopher and Grace enjoy hanging out with each other and with friends, going to coffee shops, and being outside!

Jeff Godfrey

Jeff grew up in West Virginia his whole life and was one of the earliest students to ever join Chi Alpha at WVU. Graduating in 2017, Jeff decided to the the Chi Alpha internship and give a year back to XA! After completing the internship, Jeff wanted to continue working with Chi Alpha and is now a full time staff member! Jeff is passionate about community and having deep friendships and loves to have fun and make memories doing wild and crazy things! 

Ian Case

Ian went to Sam Houston State University for college and got involved with Chi Alpha early on. It was there that Ian found real friendship and a desire to see others come to know Jesus. It was through Ian's friendship with Christopher, as well as a mission trip both Ian and Lindsay went on to WVU in the Spring of 2014, that lead them to pack up and move to West Virginia so that college students could know Jesus. Ian and Lindsay got married in 2013 and upon Ian's graduation in 2018, they moved to Morgantown so Ian could do the Chi Alpha internship. Ian is now a full time staff member and Lindsay works at the hospital here in town. In January 2020 they added to their family a beautiful daughter named Abigail. Ian and Lindsay both enjoy reading, board games, coffee, hiking, and being with friends!

The Interns

Dalton Benedict (Left) grew up in Lancaster, PA and graduated from WVU's Media School. He committed to God his freshman year that he would do the internship and he has been faithful to his commitment to God. Dalton loves the outdoors, riding his bike, NASCAR, and getting to know new people!

Jack Fisk (right) grew up in Maryland right outside of Washington D.C. He recently graduated from WVU studying Wildlife and Fisheries management and decided to give a year and work for Chi Alpha as an intern. Jack loves being outdoors, playing sports, and hanging out with people!

Chi Alpha
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Chi Alpha Christian Fellowship at the West Virginia University, 2020


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